About Balloon Flights

A hot air balloon ride is a unique experience. Floating quietly through the air, you will have a fantastic view of the landscape, or the town or city below you. Occasionally you will hear the burner, but when it is off it is wonderfully quiet in the sky. You will experience your surroundings from a completely different point of view and see everything you fly over in the hot air balloon. A hot air balloon ride is therefore something everyone should experience at least once in your life.

Do you have  fear of heights? Did you know that many people have reported that their fear of heights just simply not display during their flight.  This is due to the fact that there is no wind inside the balloon itself and no contact with the ground. It is also worth noting  that the hot air balloon is one of the safest means of transport in Spain? Did you also know that a balloon does not fly, but it sails? Therefore, the term ballooning is not really justified. A balloon sails with the wind.

Not only will you take a balloon flight, but you will also take part in the construction and packing of the balloon. Upon landing, you will be offered a a glass of champagne to celebrate the memorable occasion and you will also be presented with an exclusive gift as a souvenir of your wonderful balloon ride.

In principle, you can fly for a whole year. Of course, the weather conditions must allow it. It is important that it does not rain and that it is not too windy. Therefore, it is possible that your balloon flight may have to be postponed because the weather conditions are not favourable at the agreed time. In summer, we fly up to two hours after sunrise and two hours before sunset. In winter, we also fly during the day. That it is much colder in the sky is a myth. The temperature is slightly lower, but being close to the burner, you won't notice it. A balloon ticket is valid for a whole year. If the balloon flight cannot take place because of the weather, you will be able to rebook up to 12 months from the date of your original booking, but we will of course try to get you rebooked as soon as possible.. Your trip is guaranteed.

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