About us

BWelcome to Viajesenglobo.es, your balloon travel company in Spain. A balloon trip is a unique, memorable experience. We make sure you have the best adventure in the sky. Our aim is to offer you an unforgettable day. We will carry out all your wishes and thus provide you with a unique flight. Would you like to fly over your hometown? Would you prefer a special date? A balloon ride with family or friends? We will take care of everything, down to the very last detail.

Why you should choose Viajesenglobo.es

- You experience is important to us and we will ensure that you have the most for an unforgettable balloon ride.
- With us, it's all about your wishes, which we translate into a unique balloon ride.
- Your safety is paramount and , all our pilots and equipment meet the strictest requirements.
- Competitive and competitive prices. With us there are no hidden costs.
- A fun and personal balloon ride where you can ask all your questions.
- We work with local pilots.
- We offer gift vouchers and fun gift packs to make the flight even more special.
- We communicate directly with you.

Before the flight

You can ask us all the questions you want, we will keep personal contact. Our staff will prepare your adventure in the best possible way; it is our passion to live the adventure together with you.

The balloon flight

In addition to our office team we have a great team of pilots and crew. They make sure that your balloon ride is a truly unforgettable experience from start to finish. Before the balloon takes off, the pilot will explain everything you can expect. If you want to enhance the experience, you will even be able to lend a hand on take-off and, again, after landing, in the emptying of the balloon, where our experienced crew will guide you.

Contact us

Discover the possibilities by booking a balloon flight. On this page you can not only make a reservation, but also request information about the balloon flight or a specific balloon flight. You can also make a reservation by e-mail: info@viajesenglobo.es, or contact us by phone.


Viajesenglobo.es is your balloon specialist for all of Spain

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