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A hot air balloon ride, a unique experience! Floating through the air, the silence, the serene peace, feeling free as a bird, everything appearing so small below you.... That's what it's like to fly in a balloon!

Whether alone or with a large group, every flight is special. Our team will guarantee you an unforgettable experience. We have take-off locations all over Spain. It is also possible to take off from the location of your choice (please check beforehand). Please contact us for any questions you may have about the experience, our staff are on hand to help and will be happy to help.

Welcome on board, welcome to Viajesenglobo.es

Please contact us by telephone on +34 91 215 89 90 or by e-mail: info@viajesenglobo.es.

Why we

  • Ballooning in multiple accessible locations
  • Professional pilots and crew
  • Transparent pricing
  • Personal contact
  • A fantastic flight

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Viajesenglobo.es is your balloon specialist for Spain.

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