Frequently asked questions

Can I take a balloon ride?
- Is ballooning suitable for everyone?
Children are welcome from a height of 1.20 metres, so that they can enjoy the view properly.
- I have mobility problems, can I accompany you?
Sometimes we may have a wilder landing. This can mean that the basket slips and requires the passengers to be able to maintain balance. So it is important not to take any risks. Our advice is to always ask your doctor before embarking on such an experience.
- Can I get vertigo in the balloon?
In a balloon you are less afraid of heights. This is because the balloon is not fixed to the ground and you have a stable ground under your feet.
- Can I use the balloon if I am pregnant?
Unfortunately, to avoid any risk, it is not possible to use the balloon if you are pregnant.

Make an appointment
- How do you plan a balloon trip?
You can schedule a standard balloon ride via our website. You will then receive confirmation and sailing instructions by email. To make an appointment for a private balloon ride, it is easier to contact us. We will then make the appointment with you.
- Can I change/cancel my scheduled flight?
It is possible to change or cancel your appointment if you have cancellation insurance with your booking.
- When is the best time to fly in a balloon?
Ballooning is seasonal. The best time to take a balloon ride is from March to October.
- Can I hire a balloon and pilot for a special occasion?
Of course, it is possible to rent a balloon with pilot for special occasions; you can take advantage of a private balloon ride for a truly unique and special flight.

Booking/Gift voucher
- How can I book a flight?
You can book your balloon ride via the website. If the place you wish to book is no longer listed or this balloon ride is fully booked, you can book the flight on another date. Or get in touch with us.
- When can I redeem my gift voucher?
The gift voucher must be redeemed within 12 months. It is only necessary to schedule an appointment within these 12 months, it is not necessary to book a balloon flight during this period.
- Can I book a balloon ride for one person?
It is certainly possible to book a balloon ride for just one person. You can enter the number of passengers when booking.
- What is a private flight?
With a private flight, you take a balloon ride with your own group You can also choose your own date and place. For scheduling, please contact us.
- How do we get back to the meeting point?
You can have someone from your own circle drive behind, and have them meet you at the landing site. If this is not possible, you can sign up with the balloonist to accompany you back, note that there may be an extra charge for this.
- Are my tickets transferable?
Your tickets are transferable.
- Are there possibilities for marriage proposals, etc.?
Everything is possible with us! If you have special requests, please contact us at any time.
- What is included in the price?
The price includes a hot air balloon ride and a delicious glass of champagne.

The programme
- How long does a balloon ride last?
The total duration of the programme is about three hours. First of all, the balloon will be mounted and we will let the hot air into the balloon. Then you can enjoy the beautiful view for more than an hour. After landing, we will pick up the balloon and you can reminisce with a delicious glass of champagne.
- How many people can take a balloon ride?
It all depends on the basket of balloons we use on the day. We have different sizes of baskets. We look at the number of passengers and weight to see which basket we use. On average, you will do a balloon flight with 8 to 10 passengers.
- How can I find out the times and place of take-off? 
The website will indicate the take-off time. The area will also be indicated there. On the day of the balloon flight, you will be given the exact time and location.  This information will be relayed to you with plenty of notice. This is because everything depends on the wind.
- Where will the balloon land?
Due to the nature of this experience depending so much on the direction of the wind, we don't really know in advance where we are going to land. On the day of the flight we will have a much clearer idea of the wind direction and approximate landing location.

When will the balloon ride take place?
- When will I know if my balloon ride will take place?
Our team will contact you a few hours before the flight with all the information. Do If you have a morning flight scheduled, then we will contact you the night before.
- Is the flight dependant on the weather conditions?
Absolutely.  Your safety is the most important thing and the flight will depend entirely on the weather conditions.  There are many factors that need to be considered to ensure your safe and enjoyable flight with us.
- What happens if my balloon trip cannot go ahead?
If the balloon ride cannot take place, you have 12 months to reschedule a flight with us.
- I saw another balloon while my flight was cancelled.
This situation can occur. It is always up to the pilot and crew to decide whether or not it is safe to take the flight. Here at
your safety always comes first, but rest assured, decisions to cancel a flight are only considered for your welfare.
In-flight practicalities
- What should I take on a balloon ride?
A good mood! In principle, it is not necessary to bring anything of your own to the balloon ride. However, you can always bring something to drink or eat.
- Can I film or take photos during the balloon ride?
It is certainly possible to film and take pictures during the balloon ride. Just be aware of your fellow travellers and their wishes.
- What clothes should I wear?
Being close to a flame in the balloon, there is no need to dress warmer than you normally would. However, our advice is to wear a jacket for in the field after landing.
- What time is the balloon flight possible?
Our flight times depend on thermals. Below is an estimate for a night flight. For a morning flight always assemble around sunrise. You will receive the final assembly time from the balloonist.

Jan 14:00 Apr 18:00 Jul 19:30 Oct 17:00
Feb 15:00 May 19:00 Aug 18:30 Nov 16:00
May 17:00 Jun 20:00 Sep 17:30 Dec 14:00

- Can you steer a balloon?
Unfortunately, we cannot steer the balloon and only know which direction we will take on the day of the balloon flight.
- Can it fly over our house/locality?
Unfortunately, we can never guarantee this because the direction depends on the wind. However, we can take off from your own location with a private balloon ride so that you can see a particular place from the sky.
- Where do we meet our lookouts after landing?
Lookouts can go behind the balloon team and will be waiting for you at the landing site.
On balloons in general
- Is it dangerous to fly in a balloon?
No, ballooning is incredibly safe. We only fly with professional balloons, pilots and equipment.
- How much weight can a balloon carry?
The weight each balloon can carry depends on it’s size and the size of the basket
- Can I smoke on board a balloon ride?
Smoking is not allowed on board the balloon.
- Can I come and watch or can I bring people to watch?
We are happy for people to come and see the balloon. However, they must follow the instructions of the crew or pilot if where necessary.
- How much does the wind effect a balloon?
Inside the balloon, there is very little wind. In strong wind, we cannot make the balloon trip.
- Is it possible to fly in a balloon in winter?
It is certainly possible to fly in a balloon in winter. However, it is less frequent in winter than in summer.
- When does the balloon season start and end?
We offer balloon flights all year round, but the real season starts in March and ends in October.
- What are the pros and cons of ballooning?
A disadvantage of a balloon ride is that it is a weather dependent activity and we don't know all the details until the day of the balloon ride. One of the advantages of a balloon ride is that it is a unique experience that you will never forget in your life. is your balloon specialist for all of Spain

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